Our team is very experienced in the buying, leasing and developing of both commercial and residential properties.

We are dedicated to evolving Lococo from being a name associated with a portfolio of properties into a brand name that is trusted in the real estate development business. A brand name that would make our father proud.


It’s common knowledge that the Baby Boomer generation is having a major influence on the real estate market in our major cities. At Lococo Property, our team of experts is developing ways we can help satisfy the growing needs of a generation whose style and quality demands are quite different from previous generations of retirees. We are looking to create communities for tomorrow.

Building communities
where everyone is


Lococo is a family business run by sisters Melissa and Teresa – both Mums with teenage children. Between them, they have multiple degrees in business and commerce and lot of experience outside the Lococo family business. Their father, Joe Lococo, started buying properties he thought had long term possibilities some 45 years ago.

Melissa and Teresa’s real estate philosophy was forged in their formative years. They learned to recognise the value of longer term investment and waiting for just the right development opportunity to come along that was appropriate for a particular property.

Today, the Lococo Property portfolio is quite diverse. Melissa and Teresa bring fresh thinking to developing both new and existing projects.

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